Interconnect Organic


Interconnect technology based on organic materials

We offer every type of leading-edge PCBs and organic substrates with the highest degree of commitment and flexibility. Full traceability is guaranteed from the lot level down to the individual print on a panel as well as for all base materials.

  • Ultra-HDI multilayer flex PCBs
  • Ultra-thin materials
  • Ultra-fine line cables
  • 3D miniaturization
  • Filled and stacked microvias
  • Buried, blind, staggered and stacked vias
  • Multilayer full flex material
  • 3D miniaturization by folding
  • Small bend zones in multiple shapes
  • Combination of PI and LCP fley possible
  • Microvia and ultra-fine line technology
  • Reduced overall thickness

  • Ultra-HDI multilayer rigid-flex PCBs
  • High-grade 3D miniaturization
  • Sequential and parallel build-ups
  • Versatile combinations of base materials
  • Thinned bending zones
  • Book binder build-ups
  • Ultra-HDI multilayer rigid build-ups
  • Buried, blind, staggered and stacked vias
  • Profiles, cavities, cut-outs and castellations
  • Low CTE materials
  • Thermal management solutions
  • Constraining materials such as CIC, CMC, CCC

  • Very flexible thermoplast
  • Near hermetic due to very low water absorption
  • Temperature stable up to 190°C
  • Low weight
  • Excellent high frequency properties
  • Fully biocompatible base material
  • Substrates for SDBGAs, CSPs, SiPs and MCMs
  • Ultra-thin materials for light-weight build-ups
  • Stacked vias and via-in-pad
  • High density pitch design
  • Die cavities
  • Anylayer or HDI technology