Organisational changes in the Operations Division at DYCONEX AG

Organizational changes in the Operations Division at DYCONEX AG

DYCONEX AG, an MST company and global leader for highly complex solutions in electronic interconnect technology, would like to announce the following organizational changes in the Operations Division.

Over the past eight years, DYCONEX AG has been able to implement various technical and organizational improvements in the Operations Division under the leadership of Stephan Messerli. The successful implementation of several investments under his guidance increased capacity significantly. Stephan will now be replaced in his position as Vice President Operations by Dr Jonas Kottman. However, Stephan Messerli will carry on as Senior Manager Operational Excellence at DYCONEX AG until his early retirement.

From October 2020, Dr Jonas Kottmann will succeed him as VP Operations of DYCONEX AG. His tasks include increasing capacity, implementing further yield improvements, transferring a wide variety of innovative products into serial production and a closer collaboration within the MST Group.
Dr Jonas Kottman holds a PhD in physics and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He joined DYCONEX AG 12 months ago to take over the position as Manager Operational Excellence. In this position, he contributed significantly to sourcing new equipment and improving overall production efficiency. Prior to that, he worked for several years as a consultant in the life science industry, as Researcher, Project Manager and Head of Business Strategy. He was able obtain valuable knowledge about the medtech and electronic industry.

 Dyconex- Jonas Kottmann

“We would like to thank Stephan Messerli for successfully leading the Operations Division through a wide variety of phases and for implementing important improvements in this devision. We wish him lot of success in his new area of responsibility. We would also like to wish Dr Jonas Kottman every success in his new role,” adds Dr Hubert Zimmermann, CEO of DYCONEX AG.

With more than 50 years of experience, DYCONEX AG is a global leader in the supply of highly complex flexible, rigid-flex and rigid ultra-HDI/microvia circuit boards, LCP substrates and chip-substrate solutions. These products are used in every application where miniaturization, increased functionality, quality and the highest level of reliability play a role.
With its headquarters in Bassersdorf, DYCONEX today has 190 employees and the company is a member of the Micro Systems Technologies Group.

About the Micro Systems Technologies group
The Micro Systems Technologies group consists of four high-tech companies that offer innovative components and services for medical devices and other high-tech industries that demand exceptional performance, quality and the highest levels of reliability.
The globally active companies that make up the MST group – DYCONEX AG (Switzerland), LITRONIK Batterietechnologie GmbH (Germany), Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (Germany) and Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (USA) – offer their customers integrated solutions ranging from initial design through to series production.


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