Sensry and MST Group Enter Strategic Long-Term Cooperation

Sensry and MST Group Enter Strategic Long-Term Cooperation

The companies Sensry GmbH (Sensry) and Micro Systems Technologies (MST Group) announced today the entering of a strategic long-term cooperation using synergies between and interests of both companies to grow together in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. 
Sensry and MST Group intent to cooperate in the areas of semiconductor systems design, development, assembly, interconnect, packaging, SMT processes and electrical test of IoT solutions developed by Sensry. 

The packaging needs inherent in the Sensry business model with an universal sensor platform solution kit are widely covered by the service offer and philosophy of the MST Group. 
“We are proud to have MST Group as development partner and volume manufacturing supplier for our highly flexible IoT solutions for our customers. As we are specialized to build customized solutions with multiple sensors, communication concepts and form factors based on leading edge technologies, the MST Group is a perfect addition to our manufacturing network.”, said Konrad Herre, CEO of Sensry, and added speaking for both partners: “With our cooperation we support the growth of Semiconductor Industry and the related Supply Chain in Europe, by easing customer access to the IoT market field, shortening time-to-market, and offering “Security Made in Germany” products at reasonable prices.”
Christian Rössle, President Sales & Marketing of MST Group, commented: “We are delighted to join forces with Sensry and to offer our “One-Stop-Service” capabilities to IoT module customers, in many different industries, from our high-end semiconductor packaging facility in Berg, Germany. Our partnership approach comprises semiconductor packaging based on our inhouse PCB and IC-Substrate manufacturing, and electrical test services, joint package development projects from samples to volume manufacturing, the programming and calibration of sensors, logistics for wafer, chip, component, and sub-assembly storage, marking, labeling, packing and drop-shipment to Sensry customers.”

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Sensry supports customers with sensor and sensor fusion nodes developing customized high integrated modular systems of sensors, powerful computing and control units and communication interfaces. The system components are based on the latest technologies and manufactured in cooperation with market leaders for volume production and are supported with software development kits (SDK). Sensry got established in November 2018 in Dresden, Germany, one of the Microelectronics Centers in Europe, and has a cooperation with several Fraunhofer institutes for development and GLOBALFOUNDRIES for production. 
Sensry offers currently two platforms, “Sensry Kallisto”, currently entering the market and ramping, and “Sensry Ganymed”, which is in its final development phase to be shipped begin of 2021, both supporting customer applications based on their modularity and performance.

Sensry - Key Competences:

  • Provision of platforms for “All Integrated Smart & Secure Sensors”,
  • Design and development of flexible universal leading-edge IoT applications with: 
    • Integration of multiple various sensors,
    • Support of multiple communication standards,
    • Low power consumption,
    • High performance processors for smart node computing,
    • Inherent multi-layer data security and authentication,
    • Adequate memory resources,
  • Access for SME to leading edge technology solutions typically not affordable,
  • Enabling the “Democratization of Digitalization” in the industry and our lives,
  • Very fast design using standard library hardware chiplets,
  • Customized module configuration with short lead time,
  • Smallest form-factor due to advanced packaging concepts,
  • Complete supply chain support and management,
  • Prototyping, testing, ramp-up and production support, scaling to high volume,
  • Software and systems support (SDK, driver, security systems, services),
  • Wireless API support for user comfort and acceptance.

MST Group provides innovative products and services for high-tech industries, which require exceptional performance, highest quality, and reliability such as medical, aerospace, telecommunication, and demanding applications in the field of sensors and actuators. The company acts internationally with more than 1,100 employees in three countries, which are providing integrated solutions to their customers from concept to volume production, specialized on small and medium sized manufacturing volumes.

MST Group - Key Competences in the field of semiconductor packaging technology:

  • Customer specific packaging solutions applying a wide range of materials, form-factors, and package configurations, hermetic and non-hermetic,
  • Integrated packaging solutions from concept to volume production (specification, design, prototyping, volume manufacturing of market-ready products),
  • Inhouse manufacturing of organic and ceramic IC-Substrates and PCBs,
  • A wide range of advanced System-in-Package (SiP) and board-assembly technologies,
  • Flexible manufacturing infrastructure, cost-efficient production of prototypes and volume production of small and medium-sized volumes under one roof,
  • Uncompromising quality policy, certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and in line with relevant industry specific standards,
  • Complete traceability of materials and processes,
  • Sustainable development programs, continuous improvement of processes, strategic partnerships, experienced and competent employees.