DYCONEX installs its fourth IST testing machine

DYCONEX installs its fourth IST testing machine

DYCONEX AG, an MST company and a world leading supplier of highly complex solutions in the area of electronic interconnect technology, recently installed its fourth IST (interconnect stress test) testing machine and in doing so further upgraded its Center of Competence for product reliability.

Back in December 2014 DYCONEX opened its new laboratory for reliability testing and expanded its Center of Competence. “With our four IST testing machines at just one location, we are the leaders in all of Europe,” notes Dr. Hans-Peter Klein, Director of Quality Management at DYCONEX.

Critical applications in medical technology as well as in aerospace cannot tolerate any compromises whatsoever when it comes to reliability. To meet these needs, DYCONEX has developed extensive and systematic methodologies that make it possible to gather solid evidence about product reliability. Towards this goal, the firm employs accelerated test methods such as the interconnect stress test. In IST tests, special test coupons that include vias are subjected to temperature cycles, after which they are measured for possible changes in resistance within the test coupon. Any corresponding increase in resistance is indicative of damage.

IST tests enhanced by additional testing schemes and analytic methods form the basis for guaranteed, measurable reliability of DYCONEX products


With more than 50 years of experience, DYCONEX AG is an international leader in the supply of highly complex flexible, rigid-flex and rigid HDI/microvia circuit boards and chip-substrate solutions. These products are used in every application where miniaturization, increased functionality, quality and the highest level of reliability play a role.
With its headquarters in Bassersdorf, DYCONEX today has 180 employees and the company is a member of the Micro Systems Technologies Group.

About the Micro Systems Technologies group
The Micro Systems Technologies group consists of four high-tech companies that offer innovative components and services for medical devices, in particular implants. Other high-tech industries that demand exceptional performance, quality and the highest levels of reliability also rely on the expertise of MST companies.
The globally active companies that make up the MST Group – DYCONEX AG (Switzerland), LITRONIK Batterietechnologie GmbH (Germany), Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (Germany) and Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (USA) – offer their customers integrated solutions ranging from initial design through to series production.


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