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Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (MSEI), headquartered in Lake Oswego (Oregon, USA), is a leading specialist in developing and manufacturing medical microelectronics especially for Class III devices.

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Class 3 Excellence from MSEI!

We are proud of our Class 3 electronic assemblies and our cutting-edge technology. Our Class 3 certification guarantees exceptional durability and precision for critical applications where excellence is essential, and failure is not an option. 

Micro Systems Engineering Inc. and YOU!

Join us in our mission to push technological boundaries and set industry standards! We're a team that's passionate about what we do and we're always looking for like-minded individuals to join us.

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Join a group dedicated to advancing medical technology!

In any role at our company, you'll have the opportunity to take on new challenges and lead initiatives that make a real difference. Our dynamic environment encourages innovation and supports your growth at every step. Embrace the chance to impact lives and shape the future of healthcare with us!

Micro Systems Engineering is part of the MST group. Active around the globe, the MST group consists of four technology companies with more than 1100 employees. The MST companies develop and manufacture innovative products and components for medical technology and other applications requiring the highest level of performance and reliability, therefore providing a foundation for many interesting careers within a challenging high-tech environment.