DYCONEX AG implements various measures to reduce lead time

DYCONEX AG implements various measures to reduce lead time

DYCONEX has defined a range of measures as part of its project to shorten the lead time in sales and manufacturing. These measures have already made a significant impact, leading to a reduction of up to 15% in February through May 2020: 

  • Installation of a new UV laser, which reduces the processing time for various products by up to 50%. 
  • Installation of new transport and handling robots with a higher throughput. 
  • Implementation of lean office activities within the sales department.
  • Implementation of various lean activities in production, from planning through to panel handling. 
  • Increase in testing capacities (e.g. for e-tests and hot e-tests).

DYCONEX is continually working on further reducing the lead time for sales and manufacturing processes with the help of these measures, with a view to making the time it takes to deliver to its customers noticeably shorter.



With more than 50 years of experience, DYCONEX AG is a global leader in the supply of highly complex flexible, rigid-flex and rigid ultra-HDI/microvia circuit boards, LCP substrates and chip-substrate solutions. These products are used in every application where miniaturization, increased functionality, quality and the highest level of reliability play a role.
With its headquarters in Bassersdorf, DYCONEX today has 190 employees and the company is a member of the Micro Systems Technologies Group.

About the Micro Systems Technologies group
The Micro Systems Technologies group consists of four high-tech companies that offer innovative components and services for medical devices and other high-tech industries that demand exceptional performance, quality and the highest levels of reliability.
The globally active companies that make up the MST group – DYCONEX AG (Switzerland), LITRONIK Batterietechnologie GmbH (Germany), Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (Germany) and Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. (USA) – offer their customers integrated solutions ranging from initial design through to series production.


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