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Whtiepaper Lab on Chip PCB

Lab-on-PCB Platform

Cost-Effective Biocompatible Substrate Technology for Lab-on-PCB Applications

Authors: Dr. Eckardt Bihler
White Paper, June 2021


Ultra-thin base materials take PCB miniaturization to the next level

Flexible and rigid ultra-thin base materials enable highly reliable, thinner PCBs

Authors: Daniel Schulze
White Paper, June 2019


Flexible Substrates for Smart Sensor Applications

A novel approach that delivers miniaturized, hermetic, biostable and highly reliable smart sensor modules.

Authors: Dr. Eckardt Bihler,  Dr. Marc Hauer, Birgit Neubauer
White Paper, February 2018


Why Predictability Matters in High-End PCB Manufacturing

An advanced approach that delivers predictability, serving as the basis for assuring ongoing reliability.

Authors: Dr. Hans-Peter Klein, Uwe Kramer
White Paper, December 2017

Whitepapers Micro Systems Engineering, Inc.


Assuring Component Reliability in Medical Electronic Devices

A smart, end-to-end solution for capacitor reliability yields better, more dependable medical electronic devices.

Author: Ravi Subrahmanyan
Whitepaper, 2016


Redefining Reliability in Medical Electronic Devices

A smart, end-to-end approach to the product lifecycle yields devices that patients can count on to work right, every time.

Authors: Ravi Subrahmanyan, Fred Sporon-Fiedler, Anthony Primavera and Danbo Shen
Whitepaper, 2016


Zuverlässigkeit von elektronischen Medizingeräten - ein neuer Ansatz

Ein intelligenter ganzheitlicher Ansatz führt zu Geräten, auf deren ordnungsgemässe Funktion sich Patienten stets verlassen können.

Autoren: Ravi Subrahmanyan, Fred Sporon-Fiedler, Anthony Primavera und Danbo Shen
Whitepaper, 2016


Assuring Reliability in Medical Device Manufacturing Using Automation
and a Digital Factory

A fail-safe, fast response strategy for manufacturing reliable medical electronics in a controlled, data-rich, and cost-efficient environment.

Authors: Ravi Subrahmanyan and Juergen Lindner
Whitepaper, 2018