Semiconductor Packaging


Semiconductor packaging

The core expertise of the MST group within the semiconductor industry lies in the area of semiconductor packaging. All mission critical capabilities are accessible within the group to provide customized solutions.
Capabilities include design, substrate manufacturing, component selection as well as all major semiconductor packaging processes. Customized packaging solutions are offered for a wide range of possible base materials, I/O configurations and housing types. A new line enables the production of SDBGAs (Stacked Die Ball Grid Arrays) in small and medium-sized volumes applying transfer moulding technology, laser marking and singulation.

Semiconductor packaging

Ball Grid Array packages

Semiconductor packaging

Base materials

  • LTCC
  • Al2O3
  • PCB

I/O configurations

  • Ball Grid Array (BGA)
    -Stacked Die BGA (SDBGA), double and triple stacks
    -High voltage BGA
  • Land Grid Array (LGA)
  • Castellation
  • Single In-Line / Dual In-Line (SIL/DIL)
  • Quad Flat Packages (QFP)


  • Non-hermetic housings using plastics or metal covers or organic coatings
  • Hermetic housings by soldering
Ball Grid Array packages

The production process of the BGA packages includes transfer moulding allowing for the manufacture of small and medium-sized volumes.

BGA packages

  • Stacked die BGA, BGA
  • High voltage BGA

Process flow for stacked die packages


Transfer moulding

  • Transfer moulding system: Fico MMS-W
  • Moulding system for single-sided products in MAP, such as BGA, QFN, etc.
  • System allows for cost-effective production of small and medium-sized volumes

Laser marking

  • CO2 laser
  • Codes marking and scanning: 1D, 2D, BMP, JPG
  • PCB fiducial recognition and positioning


  • Dicing system: Fico ISS package saw
  • System provides multiple operations: dicing, cleaning, top side AOI, bottom side AOI, sorting to JEDEC trays or bins