• MSEI utilizes an integrated ERP and MES system to manage traceability from start to end for every lot of material flowing through its plant.
  • Real-time reporting from component material movement, to the device history record for serialized units consuming that material.
  • Systems and specialists provide batch management with full inheritance for any number of lot-receipt-events, through incoming quality processes, engineering mode consumption, internal movements, subcontracting, and serial production consumption.
  • Non-conformance tracking, MRB, and special ERP generated labeling is established.
  • Incoming component testing and module level testing is data logged and real time throughout the plant, along with advanced statistical toolsets to analyze and alert to exception conditions.
  • Interlocked systems provide safety for use of all material no matter what phase of the product life cycle, from engineering sample lots, through fully qualified serial production material, batch managed to to the smallest separable unit at all times.

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