MSEI is a center of technology advancement and excellence for development, design, system integration, and manufacturing of medical microelectronics in its digital factory as part of the MST Group.

1979 - Micro Systems Engineering (MSEI) founded in Lake Oswego, Oregon

1993 - Produced its first ICD utilizing chip & wire assembly on ceramic substrates

1995 - Began volume SMT on rigid-flex

2000 - CSP and BGA on rigid-flex

2003 - Volume SMT on flex substrates

2006 - Production of multiple SDBGAs on rigid

2008 - MSEI beccame part of the Micro Systems Technologies Group (MST)

2009 - Integrated a fully automated functional test handling system, along with a major SMT capacity expansion the same year

2012 - Accomplished full ERP and MES integration into production information systems

2014 - High volume "no touch" assembly and paperless factory

2015 - Major functional test capacity expansion completed