Healthcare & Life Sciences

We have been manufacturing miniaturised electronic modules for active implants and other medical devices since 1984.
All of our business processes reflect this industry’s demanding requirements in terms of quality and reliability.


  • Active implantable devices
  • Implantable monitoring devices
  • Cochlear implant systems
  • Hearing aids
  • Drug pumps
  • Catheters and endoscopes
  • Medical imaging and radiotherapy 
  • Home monitoring systems
  • Sensor solutions

Aerospace & Aviation

Our materials and process portfolio offers a variety of solutions with robust structures, hermetic sealing or heat sinks for applications that involve extreme environmental conditions.


  • Civil aviation
  • Military aircraft
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
  • Radar technology
  • Satellites
  • C4i systems
  • Sensor solutions


Miniaturisation, integration, energy consumption and dissipation continue to play an important role in electronic communication. High frequency capabilities are gaining importance. With our selection of organic and ceramic materials we are able to provide tailored solutions.


  • Optical transceivers
  • RF switches
  • Transmission control units
  • Phased array antennas
  • Interposer packages
  • High-speed cables

Industrial & Commercial

The diversity of our technologies as well as the flexibility of our manufacturing processes allow us to meet the multifaceted requirements in the field of industrial electronics.


  • Automation and robotics
  • Measurement, control and testing
  • Radar and other Radio Frequency
  • Flow-metering and level probing
  • Printing equipment
  • Security solutions
  • Communication
  • Sensor solutions