Technology Roadmap

Our technology roadmap looks ahead to allow us to meet the future demands of current and targeted customers and fully satisfy their requirements from 2013 to through 2016. The roadmap is based on the regular production of optimized build-ups, but many technologies are available at DYCONEX a full year earlier for prototypes and R&D purposes.

CAPABILITY 2015 2016 2017 2018
Conductor lines/spaces 18/22 µm 16/20µm 15/20µm 13/18 µm
Microvias/pads diameter, laser flex 40/130µm 35/110 µm 35/100 µm 30/90 µm
Microvias/pads diameter, laser rigid 50/150µm 40/130 µm 40/120µm 40/120 µm
Artwork to soldermask tolerance +/-15 µm +/-15 µm +/-15 µm +/-10 µm