Flexible Substrates for Smart Sensor Applications

A novel approach that delivers miniaturized, hermetic, biostable and highly reliable smart sensor modules.

Authors: Dr. Eckardt Bihler,  Dr. Marc Hauer, Birgit Neubauer
White Paper, February 2018

Why Predictability Matters in High-End PCB Manufacturing

An advanced approach that delivers predictability, serving as the basis for assuring ongoing reliability.

Authors: Dr. Hans-Peter Klein, Uwe Kramer
White Paper, December 2017

Noble Metal PCB Manufacturing for Direct Implants

The  market  of  active  implantable  devices  requires  new  strategies  in  designing  and  manufacturing  the  relevant  components.

Authors: Daniel Schulze, René Tölke
Publication, The PCB Magazine, November 2014

New Features For High-Frequency LCP Package Substrate

Emerging RF system applications, especially in the field of radar or security technology, significantly drive RFIC packaging and HF PCB development.

Authors: Dr. Marc Hauer, Thomas Jacob, Daniel Schulze, Brian Sinclair
Publication, On Board, June 2010