Stacked Via

As a further step towards miniaturization of printed circuit boards, DYCONEX has implemented a via-filling process for mechanical, laser-drilled blind vias. The process enables us to achieve two things in a single process step: we can plate blind vias with an excellent filling ratio, and at the same time the process exhibits good throwing power to better plate through holes.

With this new development, in combination with its offering of stacked vias, DYCONEX can now provide full flexibility in layer interconnect. By applying a build-up that consists of stacked vias, PCB designers can achieve significant size reductions as well as attain a planar surface that is especially well suited for direct chip attachment and/or BGA soldering processes.

Furthermore, filled vias give designers exacting control of how operating heat is routed to the PCB's surface for its efficient dissipation.

DYCONEX status:

  • process including filled blind vias and stacked vias is available
  • minimum filled via/pad diameter = 50/150 µm
  • up to 6 via stacks possible
  • stacking in polyimide, LCP, FR4