LCP - Liquid Crystal Polymer

Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is a thermoplastic polymer material with unique structural and physical properties. It demonstrates simultaneously exceptional performance with respect to electrical, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties. LCP is the perfect match for technically demanding high-frequency, harsh environment and direct implantable applications. Furthermore, due to its biocompatibility, chemical inertness and advantageous electromechanical properties, LCP circuit boards are especially well-suited for biomedical applications.

DYCONEX has acquired unmatched competence and expertise in the production of liquid crystal polymer applications by developing a viable, volume-manufacturing process for HDI multilayer LCP substrates.

Technology highlights

  • Compliance with MIL 883 Standard for hermetically sealed packaging
  • Mixed-material prints (LCP-Polyimide or LCP-FR4)
  • Combination high-Tg materials and bond-ply
  • Special features: cavities, fold lines, thinned bending zones
  • Ultra fine line flex cables
  • Microfluidic channels