Ultra Fineline Technology

Printed circuit boards for high-tech electronics are driven mainly by increased functionality and reductions in the form factor. This trend is especially crucial for high-end medical applications such as hearing aids, active implantable devices or medical-imaging equipment. Via/pad geometries down to 50/150 microns with 25/35 micron lines/spaces are state of the art today - but progressive chip integration, smaller component footprints and the need for higher resolution in imaging are driving requirements even further. Today, leading-edge applications depend on ultra-HDI properties that involve 20/25-micron lines/spaces with via/pad diameters of 40/100 µm.

The quest for ever finer conductor structures is a key focus at DYCONEX. Our engineers and R&D department therefore progressively push the fine-line boundary to its limits to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest progress in technology and thus stay at the forefront of ultra-HDI technology.


DYCONEX status:

  • in production: lines/spaces = 25/35 µm; vias/pads = 50/150µm
  • Leading edge: lines/spaces = 20/25 µm; vias/pads = 40/100 µm
  • thinnest starting material = 25 µm
  • thinnest dielectric thickness = 12 µm
  • state-of-the-art equipment and further investment into ultra fine line capability