Organic Chip Substrates

Substrate technology is the foundation of semiconductor packaging and one of the most critical factors in chip and system performance. As semiconductor and packaging technologies rapidly evolve, organic substrate solutions must follow. To stay ahead of the game, suppliers of advanced chip substrates require not only technological capabilities but even more so a genuine understanding of the specific needs that drive the chip-packaging industry.

DYCONEX is an exceptional supplier of advanced organic packaging substrates for small runs and prototypes. With out-of-the box thinking, DYCONEX provides added value through creative interconnect solutions and exceptional engineering expertise.

Our substrates are designed for wide variety of packaging solutions including:

  • SiP (system in package) and MCM (multichip module) substrates
  • RFIC (radio frequency IC) chip substrates in LCP (liquid crystal polymer)
  • Substrates for folded packages
  • Singulated and matrix BGA (ball grid array) substrates
  • CSP (chip scale packaging) substrates

Technology Highlights

  • Flying leads and bridges
  • Stacked vias
  • Die cavities
  • Substrate with metal core 
  • RFIC LCP substrates
  • Near hermetic packaging - SAW (surface acoustic wave) and BAW (bulk acoustic wave) filters