Technology leadership that enables advanced PCB and microstructure applications

Based in Switzerland, DYCONEX AG has been in the printed circuit board (PCB) business for 50 years. The company is one of the true circuit board pioneers and the inventor of several outstanding manufacturing and substrate technologies. DYCONEX therefore has a well-earned reputation as being a technology leader, providing leading-edge solutions in flex, rigid-flex and rigid interconnects.

With a traditional strong focus on high-end, high-reliability markets, DYCONEX stays at the forefront of PCB development. Our comprehensive technology portfolio consists of solutions in

  • high-density interconnect (HDI) and ultra-high-density interconnect (ultra-HDI) technologies
  • high-frequency PCBs including liquid crystal polymer (LCP) flex solutions
  • high-temperature, high-reliability and ruggedized PCBs
  • microfluidic substrates
  • semiconductor substrate technology

As a producer of sophisticated PCBs for medical, defense, avionics and semiconductor applications, we are committed to consistent quality and innovation. In order to fulfill ever-increasing product requirements, DYCONEX pursues a foundry business model, working with its own best-in-class manufacturing equipment, high-end clean room environment and its highly qualified and motivated employees.