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DYCO IC2_216

Predict and act

DYCO IC2: An advanced approach to assure ongoing reliability - which is essential to product success. That’s why when it comes to printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing, predictability is so important.


World’s smallest active NFC sensor module

DYCONEX has developed a novel approach to miniaturized, hermetic and highly reliable smart sensor modules with diameters down to 6 millimeters. The modules are ideal for use in medical, food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical or industrial applications.

DYCONEX at PCB West 2019


PCB Industry
September 10, 2019
Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Booth# 203

MST at European Microwave Week 2019


Europe's Premier Microwave, RF, Wireless and Radar Event
October 1 - 3, 2019
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France 
Booth# 2085

MST at EIPC & FED Technical Snapshot Workshop 2019


PCB and Electronics Manufacturing
October 8, 2019
Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany

Presentation (in German) by Daniel Schulze:
Mehr Funktionalität durch ultradünne Materialien
Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 2:15 pm



LCP for high-frequency and biocompatibility

Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrates demonstrate a range of exceptional qualities making it a perfect material for harsh environments, implantable devices and high-frequency applications. DYCONEX offers advanced multilayer LCP products for the most challenging interconnect needs.


FPC for medical implants

Miniaturization-driven PCBs used in implantable medical devices, hearing aids and other medical applications require ever finer structures on multilayer flex circuits. Increasingly high levels of chip integration, smaller component footprints and reduced device form factors are driving requirements towards ultra HDI properties.


High performance rigid PCB

Having a strong aerospace and defense background, DYCONEX has as one of its core specialties ruggedized high-density multilayer PCBs. Our dedicated engineering team concentrates primarily on highly complex rigid interconnect solutions such as the one shown here from a Formula 1 steering wheel dashboard.


Advanced packaging substrates

DYCOstrate technology represents the ideal solutions for prototypes and small to medium batches of advanced packaging interconnect, here incorporated in a SiP (system in package) substrate for a GPS module. Various organic substrate types are available for packages such as BGA (ball grid array), CSP (chip scale package) and MCM (multichip module).


Rigid-flex PCB for 3D miniaturization

In order to reduce the overall packaging form factor for a "smart pill" application, folded high-density (HDI) rigid-flex technology was employed. Thanks to this innovative approach, all mounting and assembly requirements were achieved together with optimal volume utilization.