Interconnect technology & electronic manufacturing services (EMS)

The MST Group has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing complex, miniaturized electronic modules for medical devices and other high-reliability applications.

Our core areas of expertise for manufacturing an electronic module include:

Advanced assembly technologies

  • automated SMD assembly
  • flip chip and chip scale packages
  • wire bonding technologies
    - ultrasonic bonding
    - thermosonic wedge/wedge bonding
    - thermosonic ball/wedge bonding
  • die attach technologies
    - gluing
    - soldering
    - AuSi eutectic bonding
  • die protection and encapsulation

Printed circuit boards and chip packaging substrates

  • highly complex HDI/microvia substrates in flex. rigid-flex and rigid technology
  • high-frequency and high-temperature applications
  • microfluidic substrates
  • comprehensive range of base materials, constraining materials and surface finishes
  • enhanced features such as embedded passives, wrap-around, cavities
  • chip-on-flex (COF) and chip scale packaging (CSP) substrates
  • LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) substrates

LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) substrates

  • stacking of 2 layers up to more than 20 layers
  • embedding of passive components such as capacitors, inductors and resistors
  • mounting of frames, metal plates or pins by soldering
  • mechanical processing by laser cutting or machining

Test services
The MST group has a wide range of test technologies available to demonstrate the required performance of components, sub-assemblies or modules.

For further information or to ask us to help you work out a specific solution, please get in touch with us.

PCBs, LTCC substrates and advanced assembly