engineering for life – driven by the requirements of medical technology and other high-tech industries, MST relies on sustainable development programs so as to continually refine its technologies. These leading-edge technologies along with many years of experience are available to you for solutions that require exceptional performance and the highest levels of reliability.

Semiconductor technology

  • ceramic and metal packages
  • stacked die packages
  • hermetic packages
  • transfer molding
  • a variety of I/O configurations
  • miniaturization solutions

Interconnect technology & electronic manufacturing services (EMS)

  • advanced assembly on organic and ceramic substrates
  • high-density interconnect (HDI)/microvia printed circuit boards
  • LCP substrates
  • packaging substrates
  • LTCC (low-temperature co-fired ceramic) substrate technology

Battery technology

  • high-performance batteries for medical implants
  • based on lithium-iodine or lithium-manganese dioxide electrochemical systems
  • very high volumetric energy and power densities
  • very low self-discharge