Micro Systems Technologies Group - engineering for life

The Micro Systems Technologies (MST) Group applies its innovative products and services for the sole purpose of improving people’s lives. Its comprehensive offerings are targeted first and foremost at the requirements of medical technology, in particular for active implants, which represent a special application area for MST products. In addition, other high-tech industries that demand exceptional performance and the highest level of reliability rely on the expertise of MST companies. Examples include aerospace, telecommunications as well as challenging applications in the areas of sensors and actuators.

Active around the globe, the MST Group consists of four technology companies with more than 1100 employees in three countries, all of whom offer their customers integrated solutions that range from conceptual design through series production.


DYCONEX AG, Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Highly complex flexible, rigid-flex and rigid HDI/microvia printed circuit boards, LCP and packaging substrates

LITRONIK Batterietechnologie GmbH

LITRONIK Batterietechnologie GmbH, Pirna, Germany
Lithium-iodine and lithium-manganese dioxide batteries and battery packs for active medtech implants

Micro Systems Engineering GmbH

Micro Systems Engineering GmbH, Berg, Germany
Complex LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) substrates along with advanced assembly and semiconductor packaging processes

Micro Systems Engineering, Inc.

Micro Systems Engineering, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR, USA
Development and manufacturing of complete electronic modules for active implants, SMD assembly and test

Components for high-performance markets