With 50 years of experience, DYCONEX is one of the leading manufacturers of highly complex flexible, rigid-flex and rigid HDI (high-density interconnect)/microvia printed circuit boards for every application where miniaturization, functionality increase, quality and reliability play a role.

Based on patented DYCOstrate® technology and a wide range of conventional printed-circuit board technologies, DYCONEX supplies complex circuit boards and chip substrate solutions to leading manufacturers around the world in the areas of medical technology, space and aviation, industrial electronics, telecommunications and semiconductor technology.

During the design phase, DYCONEX offers a variety of services in order to find an optimal solution for each application with an eye towards the best manufacturing processes. The services offered include, among others, ion chromatography, finite-element analysis, simulations to find the optimal heat transfer as well as accelerated aging tests.

The portfolio at DYCONEX consists of all four product groups that allow for countless variations - custom tailored each time to the corresponding requirements.

  • flexible substrates with as many as 12 layers
  • rigid-flex substrates for wrap-around applications
  • rigidized flexible substrates for 1-sided component placement
  • rigid PCBs with as many as 28 layers

DYCONEX offers all the technological prerequisites needed to implement the most challenging solutions, and among them are ultra-fine structures, stacked and filled holes, embedded components, LCP materials, the latest base materials as well as microfluidic substrates.

State-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection systems, a high level of automation plus a flexible manufacturing process allow us to produce circuit boards with the highest possible connection density.

Manufacturing processes at DYCONEX are RoHS conformant and completely integrated into a manufacturing execution system (MES). Materials and processes are 100 percent traceable. The company is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 certified.

DYCONEX is located in Bassersdorf, roughly 10 minutes from the Zurich/Kloten airport. The firm has total floor space of more than 6'000 m2, of which 600 m2 are a Class 10'000 cleanroom.
DYCONEX currently has approximately 180 employees.

Grindelstrasse 40
CH-8303 Bassersdorf

Tel. +41 (43) 266 1100 
Fax +41 (43) 266 1101

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