LTCC features

LTCC dimensional capabilities

Index Description Specification
ltcc_lines_spaces A Line width 80 µm
B Line to via coverpad spacing 100 µm
C Line spacing 80 µm

Via pitch
(* depends of number of vias and vias per row)

300 µm*
E Line to edge spacing 200 µm
F Via to edge spacing 300 µm
G Pad to edge spacing 200 µm
H Via coverpad I + 50 µm
I Via diameter ≥ 100 µm


Cavities and windows

Index Description Specification
ltcc_cavities J Cavity width/length ≥ 800 µm
K Cavity bottom thickness 2 layers
L Distance between cavities                           
≥ 2 mm
M Cavity depth design related


Integrated passive components

Capacitors Inductors Resistors
ltcc_capacitors ltcc_inductor ltcc_resistor
  • embedded
  • multilayer
  • up to 20 pF/mm2
  • planar
  • 3D
  • post-fire (7 decades)
  • buried co-fire


Brazing operations

Metal plates Frames Pins
  • housing
  • heatsinks /
    thermal management
  • hermetic packages
  • shielding
  • connectors
  • board connection


Mechanical processing

Laser cutting /
scribing in green state
Machining after firing
  • Accuracy: ± 0.130 mm
  • Accuracy: ± 0.010 mm


For more details please send us a request for design rules by e-mail or via our contact form.