Ball Grid Array packages

The production process of the BGA packages includes transfer molding allowing for the manufacture of small and medium-sized volumes.

BGA packages

  • Stacked die BGA, BGA
  • High voltage BGA

Process flow for stacked die packages



Transfer molding

  • Transfer molding system: Fico MMS-W
  • Molding system for single-sided products in MAP, such as BGA, QFN, etc.
  • System allows for cost-effective production of small and medium-sized volumes

Laser marking

  • CO2 laser
  • Codes marking and scanning: 1D, 2D, BMP, JPG
  • PCB fiducial recognition and positioning


  • Dicing system: Fico ISS package saw
  • System provides multiple operations: dicing, cleaning, top side AOI, bottom side AOI, sorting to JEDEC trays or bins