Design service

MSE offers concepts and design support for the following technologies:

  • LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic)
    LTCC substrates manufactured by MSE
  • Thick film
    Thick film substrates manufactured by MSE
  • HTCC (High Temperature Co-fired Ceramic)
  • HDI PCB (High Density Interconnect Printed Circuit Board)
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • DCB (Direct Bonded Copper)
  • Thin film
  • MCM (Multi Chip Modules)
  • SiP (System in Package)

Our team works with the following design systems and interfaces:

  • Altium Designer
  • CAM 350
  • Gerber + aperture table
  • Extended Gerber prefered
  • DXF
  • HPGL
  • Graffy/Hyde

For more details please send us a request for design rules by e-mail or via our contact form.