Ingredients - the base materials

DYCONEX is constantly investigating and validating the newest materials to improve the performance and properties of our printed circuit boards and substrates.

Our customers benefit from superior material performance and product robustness, and they value the engineering assistance at DYCONEX during material introduction and qualification. Our key customers beat their competition by using the newest available materials.

Our portfolio of base materials features the following material classes:

  • Adhesiveless polyimide foils for ultra-flexible, thin substrates with very fine features
  • Adhesives: acrylic adhesives as well as low water absorption/ high-Tg polyimide adhesives
  • Advanced thermoplastics such as LCP (liquid crystal polymer) foils
  • Ultraplanar and high-temperature stable laminates for defense, MIL and packaging products
  • Carbon fibers, molybdenum, invar and titanium cores for heatdissipation and CTE-constrained applications
  • Rigid Materials such as high Tg FR4 and polyimide glass and BT epoxy

All our standard laminates and flexible foils, adhesives and solder masks have been RoHS compliant since 2001.

For additional information, please download information about DYCONEX materials.