DYCONEX invests in state-of-the art SEM microscope

DYCONEX is pleased to announce the addition of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to its service offerings. Scanning electron microscope images have a large depth of field and are high resolution, which allows for greater resolution and magnification of closely-spaced, complex features.


DYCONEX announces new Laser Directly Imaging capability

DYCONEX has recently qualified and released to production its Paragon Ultra 200 Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) tool. This is the latest generation of exposure tools from Orbotech featuring maximum resolution and registration performance.

Artwork generation with Laser Direct Imaging systems gives both DYCONEX and its customers significant advantages over conventional exposure tools using film masters. The turnaround time for layer structuring has proven to be less than half, while expenses for consumables such as film materials are reduced.


DYCONEX well on it's way to lean six sigma

DYCONEX is consequently following it's path to six sigma quality and lean manufacturing. Starting 2009, a black belt project was finished which improved greatly the acquisition process. Following that, in 2010 we launched 4 green belt projects with 6 persons successfully graded "green belts". These projects have significantly improved production processes and have the potential of more than half a million cost savings in 2011.


DYCONEX joins PhasedCom Eurostars project consortium

DYCONEX has joined the PhasedCom Eurostars project consortium that has started the development of an innovative shaped (non-planar) antenna based on novel, low cost, phased array technology. It will provide high speed broadband internet connections for aircraft, trains and other mobile communication platforms such as automotive applications.


DYCONEX invests into state of the art IST HC test equipment

As a leading supplier of high-end, high quality flex printed circuits of active implantable devices, hearing-aid and other sophisticated medical applications, DYCONEX has now further enhanced its qualification testing capability by purchasing the latest model IST HC test equipment supplied by PWB Corporation.


DYCONEX implements state-of-the-art registration procedure

In order to respond to the ever increasing demands for finer features, higher reliability and shorter lead times for multilayer PCBs, DYCONEX has engineered a state-of-the-art registration workflow.


Better understanding of big bang model at RHIC Through DYCONEX flex PCB's

DYCONEX is currently working on a prestigious project together with scientists from the US Department of Energy, the University of New Mexico and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.


DYCONEX offers via fill & stacked via process

As a further step towards miniaturization of printed circuit boards, DYCONEX has implemented a via filling process for mechanical, laser and plasma drilled blind vias. The process enables us to plate blind vias with an excellent via filling ratio and through holes with good throwing power in one process step.


DYCONEX’s Liquid crystal polymer (LCP) substrate proves cytotoxicity conformity according to ISO 10993-5

Cytotoxicity, a standardized test for materials used in medical devices, is used to determine if significant quantities of harmful extractable substances are present and how these may negatively affect cellular components.


DYCONEX develops new multilayer cavity LCP package substrate technology for High Frequency applications

Substrates for high frequency SiP and MCM packages are not only subject to form factor requirements; they must also provide superior RF properties in combination with good heat diffusion and controllable thermal expansion. By combining the latest multilayer LCP fine-line substrate technology with a targeted use of laser cavities and metallic heat-sinks, DYCONEX has achieved an optimized interconnect design that accomplishes all of these desired performance characteristics.


DYCONEX introduces new measurement equipment

DYCONEX has extended its capabilities in dimensional measurement and analysis for 2D and 3D objects with the acquisition of a new ProX3 coordinate measurement system from Impex.


DYCONEX implements new mechanical drill equipment

Taking mechanical drilling capabilities one step further, DYCONEX has implemented new, state-of-the art drilling systems capable of routinely producing mechanical holes with diameters as low as 100 micrometers, and even as low as 75 micrometers for some specialty applications!


DYCONEX implements efficient Software for PCB Design compensation

As PCB design complexity and density continue to increase, front-end data preparation efforts must be evermore exact and provide production artwork that is tailored to meet specific customer requirements.


DYCONEX installed new Plasma Desmearing Equipment

Following through with another investment milestone planned for this year, DYCONEX successfully installed new plasma desmearing equipment this month, replacing an existing unit which has admirably served it's task for many years. The new equipment greatly extends the envelope of capability and enhances applicability of the plasma desmearing process.


DYCONEX, Inc. obtain ITAR registration

DYCONEX, Inc., the USA subsidiary of high-end PCB foundry DYCONEX AG, announces that they recently have obtained their official International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration from the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls.


DYCONEX announces investment plans on schedule for its production manufacturing facility in 2009

DYCONEX AG, a leading manufacturer of high-reliability printed circuit boards, confirmed the 2009 share of its earlier announced multimillion investment program.