DYCONEX is a leading manufacturer of high-end flex, rigid-flex and rigid circuit boards. We have extensive expertise in the following industrial sectors

  • Ultra-high-density circuit boards for implantable medical devices
  • Flex /rigid-flex substrates for 3D miniaturization
  • Microfluidic substrates
  • High-reliability plasma/laser microvia boards
  • Traceability and change management
  • High-frequency rigid circuit boards
  • High-frequency flex and rigid-flex using LCP
  • Near-hermetic sealing 
  • Wrap-around PCBs
  • High-temperature materials
  • IST-tested boards
  • Ultralow-temperature applications (4 Kelvin)
  • High heat dissipation PCBs
  • Vibration resistant PCBs (constraining materials)
  • Flexural endurance
  • Dedicated assembly features like profiles, fold lines, cut-outs,
    contact fingers and grooves
Semiconductor Packaging
  • Embedded passives for MCM/SiP substrates
  • COF/CSP substrates with a variety of bondable surfaces
  • Solder mask defined pads