Supported by 50 years of leading-edge interconnect experience, DYCONEX specializes in high-end, high-reliability PCB solutions for sophisticated medical devices, aerospace systems as well as for semiconductor packaging and industrial applications.


DYCONEX is an integral part of the MST Group, which currently comprises five technology companies located in Europe and the US. This globally active group provides innovative products and services for medical devices including implants and other high-performance industries.


We have a proven track record in producing IPC Class 3 PCBs for medical and other critical applications. Your most demanding requirements are with us in the best of hands. To achieve optimal results, we support you from design, through prototyping all the way to volume production.

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DYCONEX expands its center of competence for product reliability

DYCONEX AG, an MST company and a world leading supplier of highly complex PCB solutions, opened up new reliability testing laboratories in December 2014 and in doing so further expanded this center of competence.
The new labs unify all the processes needed for the precise monitoring of product reliability.

MST at Medical Electronics Symposium 2015


September 16 - 17, 2015
Marylhurst University, Portland, OR, USA

DYCONEX at PCB West 2015


PCB Industry
September 15 - 17, 2015
Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, USA

DYCONEX at 23. FED-Conference

PCB Industry
September 24 - 26, 2015
Hotel Grand La Strada, Kassel, DE

MST at International Symposium on Microelectronics 2015, USA

October 27 - 28, 2015
Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL, USA
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FPC for medical implants

Miniaturization-driven PCBs used in implantable medical devices, hearing aids and other medical applications require ever finer structures on multilayer flex circuits. Increasingly high levels of chip integration, smaller component footprints and reduced device form factors are driving requirements towards ultra HDI properties. Among these are sub 25/35 micron lines and spaces with via/pad geometries below 50/150 microns - and all this is achieved by applying DYCOstrate technology.


Rigid-flex PCB for 3D miniaturization

In order to reduce the overall packaging form factor for a "smart pill" application, folded high-density (HDI) rigid-flex technology was employed. Thanks to this innovative approach, all mounting and assembly requirements were achieved together with optimal volume utilization.


High performance rigid PCB

Having a strong aerospace and defense background, DYCONEX has as one of its core specialties ruggedized high-density multilayer PCBs. Our dedicated engineering team concentrates primarily on highly complex rigid interconnect solutions such as the one shown here from a Formula 1 steering wheel dashboard.


Advanced packaging substrates

DYCOstrate technology represents the ideal solutions for prototypes and small to medium batches of advanced packaging interconnect, here incorporated in a SiP (system in package) substrate for a GPS module. Various organic substrate types are available for packages such as BGA (ball grid array, both singulated and map), CSP (chip scale package) and MCM (multichip module).